Project full title: Smart Open Services – Open eHealth initiative for a European large scale pilot of patient summary and electronic prescription.

It is to help ensure the seamless pan-European flow of information between national health systems for the benefit of patients. There are multiple factors driving the utilization of eHealth all over Europe: aging societies, increasing percentage of chronic diseases, and financial strain on social security organisations. As a result, medicine is going to be more and more information technology-based, relevant for both patients and health care professionals.
It is not only the vision of a common European eHealth space that has been driving this initiative, but also the imminent risk that eHealth might stop at borders. It is well possible that in future, care provision to mobile patients falls behind what is currently practiced: paper document can be simply read (translated), laboratory values follow international standards, and pictures or x-rays speak for themselves. With electronic patient records and electronically stored data on cards, cross-border readability could worsen dramatically due to technical access obstacles.
The strategic approach of the European Commission is to focus on the core applications of electronic prescription and Patient Summary to serve as “gate-openers” to achieve interoperability on European scale.
The overarching goal of this project is to develop a practical eHealth framework and ICT infrastructure that will enable secure access to patient health information, particularly with respect to a basic patient summary and ePrescription, between European healthcare systems.
Any access is in the context of a resident of one state visiting another state and seeking healthcare in that state. It is noted that this proposal is only one element in a wider strategy to promote and encourage the development of an interoperable European eHealth infrastructure and services.
Making healthcare better for European citizens: An action plan for a European e-health area. It must be centred on the needs and wishes of citizens, patients and their carers

En estos días vamos a votar para elegir a los diputados del Parlamento Europeo. El que todos los países europeos hayan aceptado unirse para avanzar juntos es un hecho positivo para todos ellos, ya que juntos pueden hacer mas cosas y sus ciudadanos pueden ser mejor tratados y además tratados por igual en todos los países
Este proyecto muestra como la Unión Europea ya es un hecho tan importante que están preocupados por asegurar que cuando un ciudadano viaja de un país a otro dentro de la Unión Europea y si lo necesita pueda ser atendido por un medico en otro país y que este medico pueda consultar los datos médicos que ese paciente tenga en su país de origen.
Este proyecto es un buen ejemplo de cómo se cuidan los derechos y bienestar de los ciudadanos y como además todos los países juntos intentan investigar para solucionar los problemas técnicos que le permitan resolver las dificultades.
Acabo de cumplir 18 años y estas elecciones van a ser mi primera ocasión de votar y me parece que va muy bien con lo que será mi futuro que mi primera ocasión sea para decidir quien me va a representar y va trabajar por mí en Europa.



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